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mouna - heart of great (ful) ness


Now as a workshop - Interactive online course - Individual coaching

The interactive mouna - heart of great(ful)ness online live programme is tailor-made for individual needs and can be carried out in different formats on request.


mouna - heart of great(ful)ness is a unique, holistic program for personality, team and organisational development to design and implement your professional and entrepreneurial future. Based on the concept of 'Preferred Futuring' (Lawrence L. Lippitt) the path from the present moment into a desired future is designed, taking into account the full potential of an individual, a team and/or a company.

Further sources are 'Humble Inquiry' (Ed Schein), Peter Senge ('Learning Organisation') and 'Theory U' (Otto Scharmer). 


It is important to adapt to the pace of change in the workplace, but all too often self-efficacy gives way to excessive pressure and fear of no longer being able to cope with the demands. Both younger and older employees often suffer from multiple strains that are difficult to discuss with superiors or are only discussed too late.


Approximately 15% of the population is affected by burnout or burnout-related symptoms, and at least half as many more have many risk factors for a stress-related illness (depression, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic disorders and stress disorders).


The performance of your managers and employees has a significant impact on your business.

Developing strong leaders and employees deserves heart-based support.


The interactive mouna - heart of great(ful)ness online live programme serves as a competitive advantage by allowing your employees to remain healthy, resilient and creative.


The interactive mouna - heart of great(ful)ness online live program helps.

Preventatively & in crises.




The meaning of mouna is used in Sanskrit to explain "inner silence" as the absence of external and internal voices that distract us. Inner silence leads us to inner wisdom and to our deepest source, where we can find our own potential, purpose and direction in life. From this an inner strength arises, which allows our heart to become light.


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"[....]  high-performing people can climb the ladder of success, yet arrive to the top only to ask themselves, “is this all there is?” Facing that question, some get disconnected from who they truly are, and turn on “autopilot”. They still deliver results, but they’re going through the motions. Others begin a journey. They seek answers to deeper, timeless questions like: what is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of my life? Either way, the path forward includes a turn inward.  [....]"